Innovation Summit 2019

Exploring emerging opportunities in Alaska

Join corporate, government and industry leaders at our inaugural summit focusing on the rising potential of Alaska. From telecommunications and technology to Arctic economic development and public-private partnerships – learn why Alaska is the land of opportunity.

August 6, 2019  |  Williwaw, 609 F Street, Anchorage, AK

9:00 AM – 5:00PM

Reception begins at 5:30PM

Event Agenda


Kickoff Presentation: How This All Began / Where We Started

Presentation by Quintillion about how the move toward connectivity in Alaska and the North Slope began, and what broadband infrastructure is currently in place in Alaska.
- Mac McHale, Quintillion (confirmed)

Discussion: Broadband

Representatives of the tech community will be discussing the status of broadband in Alaska. There will be conversation about what is needed to move ahead, what is working, what is not, and the sharing of some best practices.
- Brian DeMarco, ASTAC (confirmed)
- Mac McHale, Quintillion (confirmed)
- Christine O’Connor, Alaska Telecom Association (confirmed)

Presentation: Opportunity Zones

A QOZ expert will give an overview of what opportunity zones are, the mechanics of the program, and a few ways we can benefit from them in Alaska.

Discussion: Investment Opportunities in Alaska and Native Communities

This panel will discuss investment opportunities in Alaska. The panel will be comprised of representation from private and public investors, the Alaska Native community, and opportunity zone expert(s).
- Shay Hawkins, Opportunity Fund Association (confirmed)

Lunch Presentation: The Fiber That Connects Us

A special presentation by MTA Holdings, LLC on the Alaska Canada Overland Network (AlCan ONE) project, the terrestrial fiber network that links Alaska to the contiguous U.S. and beyond.
- Francis LaChapelle, MTA Fiber Holdings, LLC (confirmed)

Discussion: Empowering Alaskans

Dialogue around ways Alaskans can use education as a tool to prepare for industry diversification in Alaska from the perspective of educators, economic development professionals, and industry leaders.
- Shawn Williams, SOA Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development (confirmed)
- Patuk Glenn, ASRC (confirmed)
- Francis LaChapelle & Jessica Gilbert, MTA/Girls Who Code (confirmed)
- Liam Zsolt, ASRC Energy Services (confirmed)

Discussions: Startups / Entrepreneurship

From the perspective of entrepreneurs of successful home-grown startup businesses and investment firms there will be discussion of how we continue to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in Alaska and the financial resources available to potential entrepreneurs.
- Isaac Vanderburg, Launch Alaska (confirmed)
- Mary Miner, North Slope Marketplace, AGC (confirmed)

Discussion: Attracting Business to Alaska

A mixture of large and small tech companies and industry leaders will discuss ways Alaska can grow to become more attractive to outside investors and new industries.
- Ron Eidshaug, U.S. Chamber of Commerce (confirmed)
- Rob McDowell, Cooley (confirmed)
- Liam Zsolt, ASRC Energy Services (confirmed)

Presentation: Public-Private Partnership Success

ASRC Federal will highlight successes of their public-private partnership including installing the Quintillion fiber optic network on the North Slope.
- Eric Velte, ASRC Federal (confirmed)

Discussion: Next Steps / The Last Mile

To bring it all together, there will be a discussion summarizing the action items needed to move forward with getting Alaska open for business.
- Richard Glenn, ASRC (confirmed)

Closing Remarks

- Senator Dan Sullivan (confirmed)


A reception will be held upstairs in the Williwaw Speakeasy.
- Sponsored by Quintillion


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